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5 Reasons Why Retirement Planning Should Include Fun

Most of the time, when people talk about retirement planning, it’s just a never-ending identification of strategies for directing more money into the retirement fund. There’s always the persistent pursuit of opportunities for bigger savings. For listeners, all that talk can be very stressful, especially when so much attention is given to preparing for medical expenses. Shouldn’t the winter of one’s life also include sleigh rides, building snowmen, ski trips… You know, fun?

Financial experts say fun really should be included in retirement planning; it shouldn’t just all be about how to have enough money to cover for basic needs and expenses. With all the time you get for not having to work anymore, you must determine how to enjoy all that freedom that comes with retirement, especially since you’re saving so much for it.

You’re probably thinking that having fun will just happen spontaneously when you retire. Many retirees actually claim that this can be the case, but it can be dangerous or problematic. So before you hit retirement, you better go about retirement planning right and include the fun elements you want. Here are five reasons why you should inject fun to your retirement plan:

  1. Experiencing joy and happiness is good for your health. Studies show that happy people are less prone to common and serious illnesses because endorphins do wonders in boosting the immune system. You can avoid costly medical expenses by enjoying life properly.
  2. Fun requires a budget. The last thing you want is for your preferred kind of enjoyment to deplete your resources. By carefully planning your hobbies, travels, and all other joyful pursuits, you reduce the likelihood of spending more on them than you need to.
  3. Planning how you’ll enjoy life when you’re retired will open your eyes to the various provisions that will allow you to easily do so. There are many kinds of senior privileges such as free memberships to clubs and groups and discounted rates for classes. You won’t have to spend much of your retirement fund if you cover these in your retirement planning.
  4. Fun will expand your world. Travel, for example, can reinvigorate your life and increase your appreciation for the years you’ve been blessed with.
  5. The fun elements in your retirement plan will have your family worrying less about you. There’s nothing more concerning than retirees who step into their first day of retirement asking, “Now what?” or being simply cooped up at home missing the busy life.


Fun is good if it’s carefully planned out, so don’t just focus on the financial aspect of retirement planning. It’s also great to direct attention toward how you will be enjoying your retirement years.

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